Pawsitively 4 Pink provides direct financial support for underserved women battling breast cancer in Massachusetts. Read about our impact on the lives of our recipients, like Liz, below.

An update on Liz from our founder, Michelle

“Elizabeth Morse Bradley was one of the most remarkable and resilient people I’ve ever had the privilege to know. Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer ten years ago, Liz chose a path less traveled, opting for holistic therapies after her initial surgery. This decision, deeply rooted in her belief in the body’s innate ability to heal, allowed her to live a vibrant and fulfilling life for many years.

June 2023 brought devastating news. The tumors in Liz’s liver had increased and spread to her bones. In response, she decided to try chemotherapy, enduring its horrific side effects with incredible fortitude. The last year of Liz’s life was harrowing and challenging. The aggressive nature of her cancer meant that each new treatment came with its own set of debilitating side effects. The chemotherapy wreaked havoc on her body, causing severe nausea, relentless fatigue, an inability to eat or drink, and excruciating pain that no medication seemed to alleviate fully. There were days when Liz could barely muster the strength to get out of bed, her body a constant battleground of pain and exhaustion.

Despite these overwhelming challenges, Liz faced each day with a courage that was nothing short of inspirational. She continued to fight, not just for herself, but for the loved ones who surrounded her, offering support and hope. Her spirit remained unbroken, even as her body grew weaker. The emotional toll of knowing that the treatments were not working was immense, yet Liz never lost her will to find joy in small moments or to express gratitude for the love and care she received.

The sadness of losing Liz is overwhelming. On June 11, she was told that comfort care was the only option left. Liz left the hospital on hospice and passed away on June 17, surrounded by love, after a grueling and painful struggle. The pain of her loss is a heavy burden, and the void left by her absence is profound.

Liz was more than a friend; she was my soul sister from 7th grade. We shared conversations that unfolded in minutes but carried the depth of a lifetime. Our bond was a rare and precious gift to my soul, bringing immense joy and profound understanding. Walking this difficult path with her until the end was heartbreaking and an honor. As devastating as it is to lose her, Liz’s energy will always surround me, a constant reminder of her strength and our enduring connection. Though marked by pain and heartbreak, her journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the human spirit. Liz’s story will forever inspire us to face our challenges with the same courage and grace she did. I will never forget her indomitable spirit and incredible impact on us all. The sorrow of her passing lingers, but so does the beautiful memory of a soul sister who touched my life in the most profound ways.

I love you more!!!!”

As we navigate the loss of a dear friend and recipient, may we so kindly ask you to keep Liz, her family, and her friends in your thoughts and, if you can, to make a donation in her name.

Liz’s Story

Liz has been fighting breast cancer for over 10 years, receiving her first diagnosis in 2013. In the years since, she has experienced multiple recurrences, finally receiving an advanced Stave IV diagnosis in May 2023.

Her 10 years of treatment, healing, and continued battle have been anything but easy, but Liz has shown consistent determination in finding treatments she trusts to relieve her symptoms and aid her fight. Throughout the last 10 years, she has used a variety of traditional and alternative care options, exploring treatments like Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, therapeutic nutrition, and more. Trusting herself, medical experts, and leaders in holistic healing, her years of fighting breast cancer have been marked with mindfulness and, crucially, peace.

Upon her initial diagnosis, she checked in with her body and knew that chemo would not be helpful to her at the time. Now, 10 years down the line, she has checked in with her intuition and body again and realized that chemotherapy is exactly what will be most helpful in her fight against cancer. Liz knew that it was time to add chemotherapy to her treatment regimen.

Like many cancer patients, by trusting her instincts and intuition Liz gave herself the greatest gifts: autonomy and peace. Now, she knows that it is time to try a new path. Before reaching out to Pawsitively 4 Pink for help, Liz’s first thought was about others who are suffering:

“I suppose it is often difficult to ask for help because I know there is always someone ‘out there’ who needs more help than I do,” she confided. When Liz courageously got in touch with our team, we were able to provide her with critical financial support at the time she needed it most: making her mortgage payments.

When asked about our team’s support, Liz noted, “Pawsitively 4 Pink has helped me with my mortgage, without which I would likely not be living in my home right now.”

We realize that there are many more women out there like Liz, struggling to make payments while simultaneously fighting breast cancer. For us, supporting our community is everything. That starts with helping those who need it the most.

Stories like Liz’s are what keep us working hard. We at Pawsitively 4 Pink are endlessly proud of the work we do: Providing financial aid to local women battling breast cancer.

If you know someone like Liz who could use our support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.

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