We sincerely appreciate all of our sponsors and partners. Your generous donations and continued support ensure that more local women with breast cancer will have financial and emotional help along the journey from diagnosis to treatment and health.

Become a P4P partner to help guarantee that these underserved women will not have to sacrifice treatment due to their financial obligations.

Corporate Sponsors

  • 111 Chop House
  • Adesso, Worcester, MA
  • Adventure Book
  • AppleBees Restaurant, Worcester, MA
  • Armando’s, Worcester, MA
  • Armando’s, Worcester, MA
  • Belsito’s Auto Center, Worcester, MA
  • Bennies, Worcester, MA
  • Bodhi Spa, Newport, RI
  • Bose
  • Burtons Grill, Shrewsbury, MA
  • Bushel and Peck, Worcester, MA
  • Camosse Masonry Supply, Worcester, MA
  • Club Pilates, Shrewsbury, MA
  • Cold Harbor Brewing, Westborough, MA
  • Commonwealth Environmental Serv
  • Cornerstone Bank, Worcester, MA
  • Craft Roots Brewing, Milford, MA
  • Crown Bakery, Grafton, MA
  • Cultivate Mass, Leicester, MA
  • Early’s garage, Worcester, MA
  • Eller’s, Cherry Valley, MA
  • Emily’s Interiors, Framingham, MA
  • Everybody’s Fitness, Auburn, MA
  • First Step Realty, Worcester, MA
  • Flying Rhino, Worcester, MA
  • Fotoboyz, Boston, MA
  • Fox Pest Control
  • Fuel America, Worcester, MA
  • Furniture Now, Leicester, MA
  • Gosh Doggit, Worcester, MA
  • Greater Good, Worcester, MA
  • Harry’s Restaurant, Westborough, MA
  • HeadShop, Worcester, MA
  • Herlihy Insurance, Worcester, MA
  • Highland Apartments, Worcester, MA
  • Hilton Garden, Devens, MA
  • Holy Rood Guild, Spencer, MA
  • Hot Power Yoga, Worcester, MA
  • Impact Fitness, Auburn, MA
  • Inn by the Sea, Cape Elizabeth, ME
  • Jerry’s Hardware, West Boylston, MA
  • Kenmore Diner, Worcester, MA
  • Landry’s, Worcester, MA
  • LaScala, Worcester, MA
  • Let's Roam
  • Longhorn Restaurant, Millbury, MA
  • Lunch Box Wax, Shrewsbury, MA
  • Maddies, Worcester, MA
  • My Salon, Worcester, MA
  • Niche, Worcester, MA
  • No Alibi Fitness, Grafton, MA
  • Norcom Mortgage, Sturbridge, MA
  • Pawtucket Red Sox, RI
  • Piercing Emporium, Worcester, MA
  • Pratt Tax Service, Leicester, MA
  • Quinn’s, Worcester, MA
  • Red Sox, Boston, MA
  • Redemption Brewery, Worcester, MA
  • Reunion Tavern, Grafton, MA
  • Ricciardi Bros. Inc, Worcester, MA
  • Sneakerama, Worcester, MA
  • Springfield Suites, Springfield, MA
  • Strands Ski, Worcester, MA
  • Table Talk, Worcester, MA
  • Thai Transformations, Grafton, MA
  • The Stove Place, Worcester, MA
  • Timber Brewery, East Brookfield, MA
  • Truth Organic Spa
  • Tu Moda Spa, Worcester, MA
  • Tumoda, Worcester, MA
  • Turf Pro, Oxford, MA
  • Twins Enterprise
  • Wachusett Mountain, Princeton, MA
  • Webster First Federal Credit, Worcester, MA
  • Wegmans, Northborough, MA
  • Whitco, Spencer, MA
  • White Eagle, Worcester, MA
  • Wonders from the Waves, Shrewsbury, MA
  • WSRS, Paxton, MA

Individual Sponsors

  • Beth Belsito
  • Darlene Belsito
  • Sylvia Berthiume
  • Wendy Burdett
  • Kris Carter
  • Gertrude Coles
  • Marcia Cornette
  • Chris Coghlin
  • Patricia A. Doharty
  • Terry Dotson
  • Marty and Carol Dyer
  • Tina Fecteau
  • Donna Harris
  • Megan D. Ober
  • Erin O’Connell
  • Richard Power
  • Michelle Pratt
  • Cindy Romeo
  • Anthony M. Salerno
  • The Scott Family
  • Madeline Scripoli
  • Mark Tozer
  • Robin Yancey


Eastern and Western Medical Center
381 Park Avenue
Worcester, MA


YWCA Women’s Health Network
1 Salem Square
Worcester, MA 01608



Pawsitively 4 Pink relies on the support and generosity of partners and donors from our community. Your support will help ensure that more women suffering through this life-altering illness won’t have to sacrifice treatment due to financial obligations.

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