Our Mission

Our mission at Pawsitively 4 Pink is to empower and uplift low-income and underserved women in Massachusettes burdened by breast cancer. Our commitment to providing comprehensive financial and emotional support for breast cancer patients, from diagnosis, to recovery, and beyond, is what makes our nonprofit unique.

Our work and our community are represented by three core pillars:

  1. Inclusivity.

Our dedication to inclusivity means we provide financial assistance to women battling breast cancer, regardless of their choice of holistic or traditional therapies. We support every woman’s decisions on her path to healing and recovery.

2. Comprehensive Support.

Pawsitively 4 Pink goes above and beyond by assisting our recipients for up to six months after their final breast cancer treatment. We understand that the healing journey does not end with medical intervention; full recovery takes time and long-term support.

3. Canine Companions.

We pawsitively adore dogs and their potential to be the most uplifting companions. That’s why we take rescue dogs, train them to be supportive pups, and then place them with breast cancer survivors and their families as emotional support animals. We strive to spread the comfort, love, and emotional support that only our furry friends can provide.

Pawsitively 4 Pink is deeply committed to building a community grounded in strength and resilience. Our nonprofit is a place where every woman battling breast cancer receives the assistance and companionship she deserves as she regains her health, happiness, and hope.

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