Pawsitively 4 Pink provides direct financial support for underserved women battling breast cancer in Massachusetts. Read about our impact on the lives of our recipients, like Liz, below.

April 17th, 2024 Update

A brief update on Liz from our founder, Michelle

Dear Friends and Supporters,
I wanted to take a moment to share an update on our dear friend Liz’s ongoing battle with cancer. Liz has recently completed the first of four rounds of her third type of chemotherapy. We are relieved to report that, compared to previous treatments, the side effects have been more manageable. However, Liz continues to experience significant fatigue and exhaustion, a reminder of the toll this disease takes.

Despite the challenges, Liz is prepared for the likelihood of losing her hair again, an experience she has bravely faced before. Today, Liz is scheduled for a bone infusion on her off-week from chemotherapy. This treatment is crucial as it helps strengthen her bones, which have been compromised by the cancer. Unfortunately, the bone infusion comes with its own severe side effects, making the medication side effects relentless and continuous.

Through it all, Liz’s spirit remains unbroken. Her kindness and positivity shine, even on the most challenging days. I am both proud and humbled to support Liz through her journey. Her strength and grace under such tremendous pressure genuinely inspire us all at Pawsitively 4 Pink.

Thank you for your continued support, and well wishes to Liz. Together, we stand with her in her fight, bolstered by her courage and warmed by her ever-present smile”.

April 1st, 2024 Update

A brief update on Liz from our founder, Michelle

“Liz has been through a challenging couple of weeks. Upon returning home, she struggled with regulating her medications. Recently diagnosed with pneumonia, Liz also experienced volatile reactions to the antibiotics prescribed. Consequently, her chemotherapy schedule was pushed up by two weeks.

Liz is focusing on restoring balance in her body to resume chemotherapy. Her resilient spirit remains a source of strength during this trying time. At Pawsitively 4 Pink, we stand by her as warriors, supporting her through this process”.

March 14th, 2024 Update

A brief update on Liz from our founder, Michelle

“Following a 16-day hospital stay to manage her pain stemming from new lesions on her hip joint and back, Liz underwent radiation treatment and received pain medication. Those days were marked by agony, tears, and unwavering support.

Despite her immense struggle, Liz found strength and solace in the love of her family and friends during this trying time. Her innate positivity shone through as she drew upon her spiritual beliefs to navigate the darkness.

I am pleased to share that Liz is now back home and showing signs of improvement. The radiation appears to have had a positive effect on the lesions, leading to a reduction in her pain. The next step involves evaluating her for the next round of chemotherapy. Liz’s resilience and introspective nature make her a formidable fighter, infusing every situation with a sense of tranquility as she delves deeper into her own identity”.

February 28th, 2024 Update

A brief update on Liz from our founder, Michelle

“Liza’s resilience never fails to astound me. Despite enduring some of the most excruciating pain she’s ever faced, she presses on with her treatment at the hospital. Her determination to push through the agony speaks volumes about her strength of character. Even when she admits that the pain is overwhelming, Liza remains resolute in her commitment to continue with radiation therapy. It’s inspiring to witness her unwavering resolve in the face of such adversity.

She holds onto the hope of brighter days ahead, where simply getting out of bed won’t be the primary challenge. Her optimism is a beacon of light, guiding her through the darkest moments of her journey toward recovery.

I stand by her side, offering support and encouragement every step of the way. Together, we navigate the rough waters of treatment, with the promise of calmer seas on the horizon. Liza’s determination is truly awe-inspiring, and I have no doubt that she will emerge from this trial stronger than ever before.”

Liz’s Story

Liz has been fighting breast cancer for over 10 years, receiving her first diagnosis in 2013. In the years since, she has experienced multiple recurrences, finally receiving an advanced Stave IV diagnosis in May 2023.

Her 10 years of treatment, healing, and continued battle have been anything but easy, but Liz has shown consistent determination in finding treatments she trusts to relieve her symptoms and aid her fight. Throughout the last 10 years, she has used a variety of traditional and alternative care options, exploring treatments like Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, therapeutic nutrition, and more. Trusting herself, medical experts, and leaders in holistic healing, her years of fighting breast cancer have been marked with mindfulness and, crucially, peace.

Upon her initial diagnosis, she checked in with her body and knew that chemo would not be helpful to her at the time. Now, 10 years down the line, she has checked in with her intuition and body again and realized that chemotherapy is exactly what will be most helpful in her fight against cancer. Liz knew that it was time to add chemotherapy to her treatment regimen.

Like many cancer patients, by trusting her instincts and intuition Liz gave herself the greatest gifts: autonomy and peace. Now, she knows that it is time to try a new path. Before reaching out to Pawsitively 4 Pink for help, Liz’s first thought was about others who are suffering:

“I suppose it is often difficult to ask for help because I know there is always someone ‘out there’ who needs more help than I do,” she confided. When Liz courageously got in touch with our team, we were able to provide her with critical financial support at the time she needed it most: making her mortgage payments.

When asked about our team’s support, Liz noted, “Pawsitively 4 Pink has helped me with my mortgage, without which I would likely not be living in my home right now.”

We realize that there are many more women out there like Liz, struggling to make payments while simultaneously fighting breast cancer. For us, supporting our community is everything. That starts with helping those who need it the most.

Stories like Liz’s are what keep us working hard. We at Pawsitively 4 Pink are endlessly proud of the work we do: Providing financial aid to local women battling breast cancer.


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