Marcia Millon Cornett

Board Member 

Marcia Millon Cornett is the Robert A and Julia E. Dorn Professor of Finance at Bentley University. She received her BS degree in Economics from Know College in Chalesburg, Illinois, and her MBA and PhD degrees in Finance from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

Dr Cornett has written and published several articles in the areas of bank performance, bank regulations, corporate finance, and investments. Articles authored by Dr. Cornett have appeared in such academic journals as the Journal of Finance; the Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking; the Journal of Financial Economics; Financial Management; and the Journal of Banking and Finance.

She was recently ranked the 124th most published author our of more than 17,600 authors and the number five female author in finance literature over the last 50 years.

Along with Anthony Saunders, Dr. Cornett has recently completed work on the tenth edition of Financial Institutions Management (McGraw Hill Higher Education) and the seventh edition of Financial Markets and Institutions (McGraw Hill Education). Along with Troy Adair and John Nofsinger, Dr. Cornett has recently completed work on the fifth edition of Finance Applications and Theory (McGraw Hill Education). Dr. Cornett serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Banking and Finances, Journal of Financial Services Research, Review of Financial Economics, Financial Review, and Multinational Finance Journal. She has serves as a member of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and the Finance Committee of the SFU Credit Union.