Our board members are some of the most generous people around; they donate not only their time and passion, but also thoughtful leadership experience to create a truly astonishing team. They bring their expertise and continually rise to the challenge of fighting financial instability and inability for women battling breast cancer. We are incredibly grateful for their support on our mission.

Michelle Power


When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. Michelle’s great passion is bringing healing to those people. As a Psychotherapist in the Worcester County area for over 20 years, she also began a private practice to help those around her struggle to make sense of life’s hurdles. After bearing witness to several close family members and friends’ diagnosis with breast cancer, she decided to take her professional experience to the test and begin the nonprofit Pawsitively 4 Pink in hopes of providing much needed direct financial assistance to local women battling breast cancer. 

When Michelle isn’t supporting the underserved women in her community she is spending quality time with her wife of 15 years and her three dogs, Lexi, Sophee, and Gracee.

“A diagnosis of breast cancer infiltrates their bodies and can win the daily battles. We cannot let it win the war and steal what they have worked so hard for in their lives.”

Amanda Belding


After relocating to Worcester county five years ago, Amanda witnessed several of her close friends receive breast cancer diagnoses and their subsequent battle to beat it. Desperate to help, she now gives support to those in her new community who struggle financially while battling cancer. She is a non-practicing attorney who enjoys golfing, practicing yoga, traveling, and spending time with her family.

“I really enjoy being able to give back to the community in which I live. Facing a breast cancer diagnosis is a devastating situation- it so gratifying to be a part of an organization that is working so hard to support these women in so many ways and making a real difference.”

Kathy Chapman


Working at both the Worcester District Court and heading her own real estate company, Kathy is passionate about Pawsitively 4 Pink. She is also devoted to her wife, dogs, family, friends, and travel, the mix of which make her life full to the brim.

“Previously, I made donations. This was simple. Nevertheless, after joining this nonprofit, I understand how much more joy I experience by being more present and connected with my community, The biggest present I could give to the women we are supporting and to myself is the gift of my time.”

Donna Malone


Donna has accumulated over 25 years of experience in a multitude of healthcare settings, and taught as an Adjunct Professor for 20 years. Her long-term involvement with health care has made her increasingly passionate about helping those who need it most; the same underserved women fighting breast cancer that Pawsitively 4 Pink cares passionately about.

“You can’t help everyone, so make the most to those you do help. Pawsitively 4 Pink is dedicated and committed to drastically improving the lives of these women and their families. I love being a part of an organization that shows their passion through impact.”

Carmen Torres

Board Member

After serving her local community for 32 years as a sessions clerk in a Massachusetts Trial Court, Carmen Torres now spends her time going to the gym, hanging out with her grandchildren, taking long motorcycle rides with her husband and enjoying time with friends. Carmen has been a part of Pawsitively 4 Pink since the beginning, volunteering and supporting the organization with her bilingual capabilities to better serve the Latinx community.

“I have been involved with Pawsitively 4 Pink since its creation in 2018. I am in awe of the financial and emotional support that P4P provides to the breast cancer community. I respect the challenges that low-income women have when diagnosed with breast cancer. These women have shown me that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how we react to it.”

Sophee Power

Meet Sophee, our beloved six-year-old Sheepadoodle sensation! Formerly just a fluffy ball of carefree joy, Sophee has now been appointed as the newest member of our esteemed board. Despite her lack of prior responsibilities, this furry dynamo is ready to pawsitively shake things up! With characteristics that include maturity (well, most of the time), boundless love, exceptional listening skills, and a knack for being the best big sister around, Sophee is more than just a pretty face – she's the pawfect addition to our team!

When she's not busy wagging her tail in excitement for her newfound role, you can find Sophee indulging in her favorite hobbies: leisurely walks, thrilling boat rides, and, of course, spreading her infectious love wherever she goes. Sophee is thrilled to be a part of Pawsitively 4 Pink’s board and is eager to lend her paw to make a pawsitive impact on the community. So, let's give a round of appaws for our furry friend, Sophee – because with her on board, there's no limit to the wag-tastic things we can achieve together!🐶

Gracee Power

Hold onto your biscuits, folks, because the chaos train just got a new conductor! Introducing Gracee, affectionately known as "Cray Cray" – the five-year-old Sheepadoodle with a knack for making mischief and stealing hearts (and bones) along the way! As the half-sister to our beloved Sophee, Cray Cray has made a name for herself with her wild and wacky escapades. From bone heists that would make a squirrel jealous to mastering the art of counter surfing with finesse, she's proven herself to be a true canine caper extraordinaire!

But don't let her rambunctious antics fool you – beneath that fluffy exterior beats the heart of a showdog with a mission. Determined not to be outshone by her sister, Cray Cray has boldly accepted her seat on the board of directors, ready to steal the spotlight (and maybe a few treats) while spreading light and love to the entire community!

So, grab your squeaky toys and buckle up for a wild ride, because with Cray Cray leading the pack, there's never a dull moment in sight. Get ready to wag, woof, and wiggle your way through pawsitively thrilling adventures with our newest board member at the helm! 🐶✨

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